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Hey Tony, can we get a ride?

Tony is one of my clients in our TDSO division, and I have been working with him for two years now. Over these past two years, one of Tony’s objectives has been to earn his driver’s license. Right before I began working with Tony, he was able to study for the DMV permit test with the assistance of his former Facilitator, utilizing online websites, as well as reading through the California DMV handbook. Although Tony was not able to pass the permit test on his first try, he realized that he needed to switch from the computer test to the classic written version of the test, and was able to pass it on his second try. Shortly after this, I began working with Tony, and he and I would go to the library when he had some free time from school, and review driver safety videos on YouTube. Tony was able to locate a channel called “Rick the Smart Driver” which had a lot of knowledgeable driver’s education videos from a professional driving instructor Rick, who would have videos on changing lanes, freeway driving, driving in rain, etc. Tony stated he owes a lot of his driving knowledge to Rick. Throughout 2017, Tony was not driving that often, and I had reminded him his permit was going to expire in January of 2018. Time passed and Tony's permit expired, so he went back to the DMV and retook his permit test, and passed it by one point! After this, I really encouraged Tony to begin driving more, so this situation would not arise again.

I assisted Tony with locating driving logs online, which he printed out, and I encouraged him to complete these after each time he drove. During summer of 2018, Tony began driving more with his father in his neighborhood , and he took his first two-hour driving class with an instructor from Budget Driving School. In fall of 2018, Tony began driving to school two to three times per week, and was slowly becoming more comfortable behind the wheel. In December, I reminded Tony that his permit would be expiring in six weeks, and I encouraged him to schedule a behind-the-wheel test at the DMV, even though he was slightly hesitant. By the time Tony’s test date came (six days before his permit expired again!), Tony had logged 40+ hours driving, and felt a lot more confident in regards to driving.Tony took one more lesson with a Budget Driving School instructor that week, and then took his driving test. He was able to pass his test on his first try while only making four errors, to the delight of both him and his parents! Creel Industries and I are very proud of Tony and his major accomplishment, and Tony is eager and excited to be able to drive on his own, and even met me at the library last after driving there on his own!

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