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Consumers who are appropriate for our program

Individuals with developmental disabilities, who are at least 18 years old, unless otherwise specified by the San Diego Regional Center, who are transitioning to adult services or graduating from the school district. Our program welcomes individuals regardless of functional level, ambulatory status and/or physical disability.


Creel Industries-ADC is a 100% community-based program; its services, activities and training will occur in the community in natural environments. Our agency will provide service recipients with high quality, individualized training in small heterogeneous groups in natural environments, full Integration into the community. Our clients will have the opportunity to participate in activities within the community, such as integrated. employment, volunteering their time and/or participate in paid employment.  Consumers who are not able, or do not wish to participate in the above-mentioned tasks, will be encouraged to improve their community/stranger, inter/intra-personal skills and to acquire functional, vocational skills, which will a smooth transition to volunteer and/or paid-work opportunities in the future.

Volunteer choices and/or work opportunities will vary according to availability and/or consumer choice.

This program has been designed to enhance existing functional skills and development of new ones, which will enable the service recipient to communicate, interact with other individuals and perform tasks needed in everyday life, such as home, friendships, community, volunteer options and/or jobs. Each consumer’s progress will be measured individually and semi-annually based on unique objectives developed by planning and documented the client’s individual support plan.

Training will take place in the community where clients likely reside. Services and supports will be identified and targeted for individual needs or own personal preference. Training will be modified to individual group’s ability, by utilizing various modifiers, such as verbal instruction, modeling, physical assistance, when needed, role-playing, group discussion, visual aids/audio aids. Staff will work closely with individual consumers within their heterogeneous groups, to take into account any unique or specialized need, and will modify to fit consumers’ specific need. Consumers will be given the opportunity to participate and interact in age-appropriate activities in a natural environment with non-disabled peers in the community. Service recipients will explore volunteer and/or paid-work opportunities with 100% supervision by a life skills counselor in their own community. Consumers’ participation will vary according to consumer preference and availability.

Schedule of Services

Service recipients may participate five days a week for five to six hours per day. Participation may vary according to clients’ need or physical capabilities. Consumer’s worksites, location of activities and/or volunteer sites may change, affecting consumer’s schedule.


Activities and Service Instruction Schedule:

Our program is designed to emphasize the acquisition of functional skills through a curriculum that utilizes age-appropriate instruction.

Curriculum may include, but not be limited to:

  • Materials and instruction including an age-appropriate curriculum and instruction.

  • Vocational/volunteer training

  • Self-advocacy

  • Social Skill training and development

  • Community and stranger awareness

  • Communication Skills/enhancement

  • Purchasing skills

  • Accessing Community Resources

  • Employment acquisition and retention

  • Mobility Training

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