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In-Home Respite Service Description:

In-Home Respite Care is a service provided by our agency to provide family members with a break in care for a family member with developmental disabilities, who requires ongoing care and supervision. Persons who are appropriate for the service are individuals with developmental disabilities, who are eligible for San Diego Regional Center funded respite services. Our agency provides non-medical, In-Home Respite services for all qualifying individuals of different functional levels, ambulatory capabilities, communication skills and/or various behavioral characteristics. Our agency provides services throughout San Diego County, and our clients are served in their home or in approved, designated community activities if our agency and the family agree on appropriate safeguards. While in our care, our providers will provide the consumer with age-appropriate activities in order to make the time away from his/her family enjoyable. The consumer will be fully supported if he/she requires self-care assistance, or health or hygiene guidance, during his/her respite time. Home and community safety is of utmost importance, so supervision and direction are always emphasized to our staff during their training.

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