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Our Tailored Day Option program has been designed to provide each and every service recipient with excellent and professional vocational training and supports, tailored to individual and unique needs. We believe that service recipients’ should gain the adequate tools in order to advocate for him/herself and to make his/her own decisions in every aspect of his/her life. Creel Industries will advocate and will work diligently to make sure that all service recipients’ decisions and choices are respected and honored. But most importantly, we feel that this does not only extend to their personal environment, but to their families, friends and their community at large. The service will be customized to meet the clients’ own individual and unique needs in order to allow service recipients to gain full integration and inclusion status in the community. Clients will have the opportunity to pursue their goals in education, which fully meets every aspect of individual need. He/she may seek supported employment or self-employment, which will maximize own personal wishes for a desired position or training, as well as flexibility from time constraints. By individualizing the support/training to every aspect of unique emotional, intellectual and physical need, when required, his/her opportunities will be maximized in achieving full integration and inclusion of their lives. Our support team will be combined of various professionals, who will provide their support in their area of knowledge in the specific areas of need, where the client requires the assistance and support, which includes physical assistance or the use of technology if required by our client. Our team will work collaboratively with the service recipient to accomplish their hopes and dreams in the pursuit of post-secondary education, employment, volunteer opportunities, as well as solidifying their desire for full integration and inclusion in the community. Services tailored to our client's unique needs will be identified and supported by the client’s individual support plan objectives and reviewed by the planning team.


  • Creel Industries Tailored Day Service Option is a 100% community-based program; its services, activities and training will occur in the community in natural environments. Our agency will provide service recipients with high quality, individualized, one-to-one training in the community.  Clients in our program are expected to experience independent choice in every aspect of their life. The program will tailor services to meet volunteer work, integrated employment and self-employment opportunities, educational goals or other opportunities in order to exercise personal choice and wishes. Individualizing our program, to fully fit the clients’ unique needs, will impact his/her quality of life, leading to full inclusion in the community. The tailored day service option program will pertain to individualized employment training, such as social etiquette, grooming, appropriate hygiene and dress code, which will include, but not limited to toileting and physical assistance if needed, and the use of technology, such as augmentative communication devices if applicable. By tailoring the program to unique needs, our clients will develop all necessary inter/intrapersonal skills required for job exploration and retention, volunteer opportunities, educational objectives and/or other endeavors he/she wishes to pursue.

  • Vocational development:  It is our goal to encourage prospective employers to practice equal employment practices for individuals with developmental disabilities. With 100%, 1:1 support, our clients will have the opportunity to participate in job exploration in the field of choice, volunteer their time, or pursue their desired educational objectives. Creel Industries will encourage and support volunteer choices and/or paid-work or self-employment opportunities within the community, incorporating services specifically designed for individual need. Creel Industries will emphasize less restrictive, inclusive opportunities, where clients will develop their inter/intrapersonal skills needed to be successful in any volunteer/paid employment. In time, consumers will acquire and maintain the vocational skills needed to transition into less restrictive employment opportunities. Our tailored day service program training will include, but not limited to, community training and integration, volunteer/job development and retention, self-employment opportunities, educational achievement of individual goals, task completion and follow-up, and worksite and community safety. Through program participation, service recipients will increase their social and vocational skills needed to enhance their future options in today’s employment and educational market demands, as well as long-term retention of those choices.

Tailored Day Service Option services will include, but not limited to:

  • Employment Development, Self-Employment, Volunteer Opportunities, Post-Secondary Education

  • Independent Social Recreation

  • Budgeting and Money Management

  • Mobility Training (If needed)

  • Employment, Market Research and Résumé Revision Assistance

  • Team of Professionals/Consultants to assist in every aspect of plan development and/or self-employment

  • Self-Care

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Business/Start-Up, Accounting Advice and Organization (Agency accountant as a consultant)

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