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We at SDMT promise to provide each and every client with excellent & professional service.  We will endeavor to provide the safest and most accurate transportation information and training. Our ultimate goal is to assist the client in becoming as independent as possible within the community where he/she lives and works.

SDMT provides mobility training for all of San Diego County

  • SDMT works with the client on learning the closest bus stops and points of transfer from their homes to employment site, day program or authorized doctor appointments.

  • SDMT trainers will meet clients at their home and escort them to the designated bus stop, where training will begin.

  • ŸSDMT will design and research the most appropriate and safest route to meet the client’s cognitive level.

  • SDMT will fit the schedule into the client’s work schedules and/or authorized medical appointments, giving the client an accurate understanding of his/her time schedule.

  • SDMT will work with the client on recognizing landmarks, using public phones, presenting bus pass and asking questions, if needed.

  • SDMT will emphasize appropriate social behavior, problem-solving and avoiding potentially dangerous situations, or individuals while on the bus.

  • SDMT will work with clients on community awareness, such as safely crossing streets and obeying all safety pedestrians rules after leaving the bus, and on their way to the final destination.

  • First, SDMT receives the transportation service request. SDMT will contact the service coordinator to obtain additional information or special instructions by SC.

  • Second, SDMT will contact the consumer, the family, care providers, and/or program to coordinate training, schedules and time.

  • Third, SDMT will endeavor to always keep the service coordinator informed and up-to-date; a final evaluation at the end of each training will follow shortly.

  • The use of public transportation by our clients have multiple advantages.  It offers clients choices in the most economic of transportation modes.  Most importantly, it offers the clients access to all the community has to offer, which in the end is our main goal.

Curriculum may include, but not be limited to:

  • Compass Card Utilization

  • Pulling Bus Cords Accordingly

  • Evaluate Timetables and

  • Estimated Time Arrivals

  • Identify Landmarks

  • Safety and Stranger Awareness

  • Learning Bus Routes and

  • Trolley Lines

  • Community Safety

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