Born in El Salvador, Wilber has lived in many places throughout his life, from New York to California. He has learned how to infuse the meals from his native home with the flavors of the city. Although shy at first, Wilber has slowly taken initiative and made himself present in the kitchen. Taking small steps, he has observed his mother prepare delicious plates for him and his family. Soon after, Wilber began making simple foods, such as scrambled eggs, quesadillas and macaroni and cheese. With the help of our ILS program (Creel's SDNH), Wilber has expanded his culinary knowledge and has successfully prepared more complicated dishes such as: chilles rellenos, enchiladas and Salvadorean tortas. Wilber has demonstrated an interest in preparing new dishes every week and has learned quickly. Wilber's goal is to learn the necessary skills to become independent and move out with his wife, Laura. With his cooking skills improving every day, it won't be long before he makes dinner for Laura in their new home.

Pictured: Wilber

With a grin on his face and a desire to eat the chilles rellenos, Wilber is proud of his first attempt to make this dish.

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