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Creel's Achieving Independence Excellence Award goes to: Fidel!

Fidel has successfully participated in Creel's TDSO Program. Fidel has completed his Spring 2017 semester with the distinguished honor of being on the Dean's List. Fidel is set to meet with his academic adviser to determine which classes are needed to complete his educational plan, allowing him to transfer to a four year university, as early as Spring 2018! Fidel was also instrumental in assisting his friend, Juan, with enrollment and use of on-campus resources such as the DSPS. Juan has completed his first semester of college and is enrolled for the Summer. Fidel is pursuing a degree in accounting, and he has taken the Summer off to relax. Fidel is an active member of his immediate community of Imperial Beach. He volunteers three times each week at the new Imperial Beach County Library. The head librarian among other staff, have commented on his helpfulness in assisting patrons, along with his attention to detail when performing tasks related to organizing books and other media. Since I.B. is a tight-knit community, he has become increasingly social with the staff of local businesses, proactively engaging in conversation with them as he walks throughout his community. Each Friday, the city hosts a farmer’s market, where he has become acquainted with event organizers and vendors. It is Creel's honor to recognize Fidel's accomplishments and wish him success with his bright future!

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