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Entrepreneurs @ Creel!

Pictured : (Left) Tailored Day Service Option Program Manager, Ms. Daisy Greene ;

(Right) Ms. Vickie Lawrence, Dancing around the Oak Tree Art Studio, Inc. Owner

Vickie was born and raised in upstate New York. Vickie previously worked for the New York State Department of Education for 8 years. She has lived in San Diego for six years and now calls it home. Vickie has an intellectual disability, but does not let anything get in the way of achieving her dreams. Vickie has always had a passion for dancing, singing, and art. Vickie’s mediums of art is acrylic, oil, and watercolor paint. Vickie's passion led her to create her own non-profit called Dancing Around the Oak Tree Art Studio, Inc. The goal of this non-profit is to educate and allow space for people with disabilities to showcase their gifts and talents related to art. This non-profit is open to a variety of arts, including, oil painting, canvas painting, sculptures, dancing, singing, and musical instruments. Vickie would like to reach out to people with disabilities and also the surrounding community to provide a safe place to express themselves through art. With the help of the Tailored Day Program, Vickie was able to successfully become approved for her non-profit in June 2015. In support of her non-profit, Vickie held her first art show on October 24, 2014 for Disability Awareness month.

Please visit Vickie's website @

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