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Day Program (ADC-CBP) client: Erik Erik is a bright, happy, and caring young man. Erik is in the Creel ADC-CBP program, and he has been attending program regularly, for over 4 years. When he first came to program, he was very quiet, and he would keep to himself. He was not very social with his peers, and he was disinterested in activities. Through Day Program activities, such as volunteering at the thrift stores and libraries, learning to access a computer to develop typing skills, and participating in exercise classes, such as Zumba and yoga; he became a much different person. Erik has always been very caring, but now approaches his peers when they are upset. He enjoys asking how they are doing, and what he can do for them to make the situation better. He feels, sometimes all his peers need is a friend, to listen or a hug to show someone cares. He enjoys making his peers laugh, and he will ensure they enjoy their day at program. Erik strives to do better in his activities by asking his Life Skills Coach, what he can be responsible for, each day. Having a task to be responsible for each day, has allowed Erik to become confident and encourage others to believe in themselves. Erik stated this program has helped him cope with negative situations by having staff that are very approachable and willing to listen, when he needs to express his thoughts and emotions, in a positive manner. Erik added, he enjoys attending program daily, and he is very pleased with the services and support he is provided with, on a day to day basis. We salute Erik for his growth and positive, caring attitude!

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