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Creel Bowling League!

At Creel, we have a wonderful bowling league, our clients meet up every other Friday! The Creel Bowling League provides a safe place where our clients can work on their objectives, such as: Community Integration / Socialization, Self Advocacy , and Safety while out in the community. The Creel Bowling League currently facilitates two locations: Poway and Chula Vista. Clients are able to make friends and have fun! Clients also play board games such as: Monopoly, Scrabble, and Uno. Creel is proud to support our clients in their development as independent individuals!

David, our Taylor Day Client says:

“I am super excited because of the bowling league because it will give me an opportunity to grow out of my shyness and develop better social skills. I have never been part of a bowling league and always wanted to be part of one, so I look forward to this one.” (David D.)

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