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Creel's Achieving Independence Award goes to : Isaac!

Isaac P. is one of my clients in the TDSO division. Over the last year, Isaac has been trying to gain volunteer experience which will hopefully prepare him for having a job in the future. During Isaac’s semi-annual meeting in April, his SC suggested to Isaac he try and see if his old high-school, Castle Park High, needed volunteers. Isaac went there in May and they stated to him he would need to come back in July to get volunteer forms for the Fall. Isaac and I went back in July, and due to construction, they had lost the volunteer forms, which they needed to reorder from the district. Finally, in early August, Isaac began the long process of completing different facets of the volunteer form. Isaac completed a TB test, an online child safety course, and a live-scan test, which required him to go to multiple live-scan facilities due the one the school referred him to not being wheelchair accessible. It took Isaac about a month to complete the volunteer forms, and he finally turned it in to the district office in early September. We went into the school to speak with them this past Wednesday, due to them being on Fall break for a weeks in September, and the volunteer coordinator seemed very excited about him starting there. They gave him a couple ideas of volunteer duties he may get, and she stated she would call him this week or next when she had discussed exactly what role they needed the most help with. Isaac is very excited to hopefully begin volunteering there soon, and I am excited for him! Creel Industries is extremely proud to highlight Isaac's achievement! Way to go Isaac!!!

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