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Fire Station Tour Thank you

The agency would like to give thanks to the Chula Vista Fire Department at Fire Station #1 for giving our ADC-CBP division the opportunity to schedule and attend a tour. Our clients enjoyed learning about the two types of Fire Engines the Chula Vista Fire Department has and how firefighters use their time at the Fire Station when they are not on a call. Our clients also enjoyed viewing how a firefighter lives when he is on duty, and they all enjoyed the presentation the Chula Vista Fire Department held with regards to the two types of uniforms a fire fighter wears. Our clients and staff enjoyed learning that a fire fighter’s role is not just putting out fires, but also providing medical assistance and rescuing. They enjoyed learning about the tools and equipment that is carried on the engines to provide excellent service for those in need. The agency thanks you, the Chula Vista Fire Department at Fire Station #1 for all that you do for the community and for welcoming us into your home.

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