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Thomas is ON FIRE! 🔥

Thomas is a client of the TDSO division at Creel Industries who had a goal of earning his

driver’s license in order become more independent. Thomas began studying for the permit test

in early 2020, before starting to meet with his current facilitator. Thomas took the permit test

twice in the summer months of 2020, but he was unable to pass these tests. Thomas continued

to remain diligent in his studying, and he would focus on this goal when meeting with his

facilitator, Noah Daugherty, remotely via Zoom. Thomas and his family located the driver’s

education website “Aceable” which allowed Thomas a more fun and interactive way to study

for the permit test, and in December of 2020, Thomas was finally able to earn his driver’s

permit; as they always say, 3rd time’s the charm! After earning his driver’s permit, Thomas

began driving in the surrounding neighborhoods of his home in Point Loma as well as the

Pechanga Arena parking lot, and he would practice simple maneuvers such as turning, breaking,

and accelerating. After becoming more comfortable, Thomas began practicing driving on the

freeway, as well as driving on short trips to his fire cadet academy class each week. Thomas also

utilized a driving school in his area to complete a few hour-long lessons with a trained driving

instructor. Towards the end of summer, Thomas felt comfortable enough to take his first

behind-the-wheel test at the San Ysidro DMV, although he did not pass. Thomas was not

discouraged and he began to watch the YouTube channel “Smart Drive Test” for more driver’s

education videos and tutorials. Thomas eventually took the behind-the-wheel test again at the

Oceanside DMV, and unfortunately, Thomas did not pass this test either. However, Thomas

would not become dejected by this, and he scheduled his third driving test for three weeks

later at the Clairemont DMV. Thomas spent a few more weeks reviewing videos and practicing

driving with his parents, and he eventually took the test again in October of this year. However,

this time Thomas was able to pass with flying colors and earn his California driver’s license; 3rd

time’s the charm once again! Thomas was recently able to drive to his fire cadet academy for

the first time on his own and he is enjoying this new sense of independence in his life!


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